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Solar is used to power all sorts of electronic equipment, from solar-powered handheld calculators that will function as long as sunlight is available, to remote solar-powered sensor arrays in buoys, and even some experimental vehicles and boats. Solar are also placed on outdoor lighting structures. Countryside solar can help you slash your company's energy costs by up to 40 per cent or more. Powering homes with solar power has also been a major part of the solar revolution the last two decades have seen. Solar can be placed on the roof of homes, businesses, or remote research stations, and can be used independent of or in conjunction with the local power grid.

Solar Power is a renewable resource, meaning it will never run out. There are no emissions as the energy comes from sunlight and not fossil fuel. The savings you make on your bill could be used to pay off your system leaving you with little to no out of pocket costs. Contact us to talk to a specialist in your area today.

Advantages of Solar
Countryside solar panels are clean - while generating electricity from sunlight, solar panels produce virtually no pollution, whereas burning fossil fuels releases large quantities of toxic gases into the atmosphere. For the consumer, solar panels can free the individual from reliance on the power grid and the monopolistic energy supplier.

Once you make the initial investment in hardware, you will have free electricity for years to come. Fossil Fuels are limited - Although fossil fuel reserves are expected to run dry within the next century, solar power is clean, abundant, and will remain a renewable resource that can meet all of Earth's energy needs for billions of years to come.

Capacity from 1 KW - 10 Kw.

Extra Charges for
* Three phase inverter
* Meter upgrade
* Double storey install
* Battery ready inverters
* Batteries
* Installation in non-metro areas.